Safety Tips from the Painesville Police

According to Painesville Police Chief Powalie, three things are needed for a person to commit a crime.

  • The ability to commit the crime
  • The intent to commit the crime
  • The opportunity to commit the crime

As residents, our goal is to reduce, if not eliminate the opportunity for a crime to be committed.  Here are a few common-sense tips.  If there are residents in law enforcement that have additional ideas, please submit them using the contact page.

  • Keep garage doors closed when possible, especially overnight.
    • Officers on patrol have noted 10+ doors open in the early morning
  • Make sure car doors are locked and valuables are out of sight
  • Leave exterior lights on
  • Do NOT post on Social Media your vacation plans, or times when your house is vacant
  • Make sure the doors to your house are locked, even when you're home
  • Let the police know if you're on vacation, they will check your house
  • If you see something suspicious call the police first
  • Make your neighbors aware of suspicious activity
  • Once the police are on the scene, give them the time and space to do a thorough investigation
    • They want to apprehend a suspect as much as we do.