Welcome to the new HP Forums page.  This forum will the Board to solicit Resident's opinion on a variety of topics.  Board members will read and comment at their discretion on posts.  Please be patient as we experiment with this new communication tool and learn the best way to use it.  This is the ONLY forum that the Board will monitor and review.  If you want your opinion noted, this is the place to share it. Please click here to access the page

All forums will be moderated by the Board and inappropriate, off-topic, and/or offensive posts are subject to modification or deletion.

Here are some easy guidelines to use when posting.

  1. Keep it respectful, no calling out residents or board members.  Being critical is fine, but be constructive and have suggestions for improvement.  Contact board/management via email for individual disputes/questions.
  2. Keep the discussion on point.  We're looking for comments on specific topics.  If you have a suggestion for a topic, let us know via email
  3. You must register with your name which must be on the HP owner's roster.  Other adults in the same household may also register.  Please use your real name in the forum.  Without a real name, the board reserves the right to deny your participation.  
  4. The forums are not open to public view, we will not share your information.  We want to be sure only residents are commenting
  5. Board members will respond when possible, please allow a few days for any reply.  For urgent items, please use email.
  6. Moderator decisions are final

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