Storm water issues

  •  Tabled indefinitely

Design guidelines enforcement

Common Area Development

Delinquent Dues

  • The Board uses all legal means, including liens, asset searches,  garnishments, and foreclosures to collect dues and attorney fees that are owed.  We have successfully garnished wages and recently received a court judgement for all back dues, attorney fees and late fees.  A number of residents reached settlements just prior to a court hearing.  You can read the new procedures here.

​Landscaping Maintenance Map

  • Check out the landscaping map.  Note which areas are set for weekly, bi-weekly and are left natural.  If you see an area that appears to be neglected, contact the board.  Please do NOT mow the common areas, we need to monitor the contractor's work and if residents are mowing Common Areas, that makes it more difficult.  There was a substantial difference in price to change from bi-weekly to weekly.

Contact Info Update

  •  There have been a number of requests to use email as an additional means to communicate with residents.  We are asking all residents who wish to receive such notices to update their contact info using the form below.  Please use the same form whenever your contact info changes.

Covenants and Declarations

Design Guidelines

Here are all the governing documents of the HOA , Meeting Minutes and other pertinent information.

New Design Guidelines now in effect

Please be advised that per the Declarations and Covenants the Trustees have up to 30 days to reach a decision on a design request.  If no decision is reached after 30 days, the request is deemed approved.

Board Initiatives

Meeting Minutes