The Heisley Park Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that they have recently signed a contract with the Coral Company to provide property management services for 2019.   As the contract with Barnett does not expire until December 31st, please continue direct all payments and inquiries to them until that time.  The Board and Coral will be sending information on the transition to residents in the coming weeks.  We will also be posting a list of FAQ’s online in the near future.  This was not a hasty decision and the preliminary process began over a year ago with a single phone call that resulted in the names of three reputable companies.  Two submitted preliminary quotes, of those two Coral’s was the best option for Heilsey Park.  This past summer the board resumed the process, we met with representatives from the company and requested an updated bid.  The contract was reviewed by legal counsel and was found to meet all of their criteria.  Coral will be assisting in the planning of the 2019 budget and the Board does not anticipate an increase in dues.

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The Board has approved the annual 2018 Budget, you can read that here. Please also note that the Board has approved a new violation enforcement procedure.  A first notice will be sent giving a resident time to correct the violation.  If it is not corrected a second notice will be sent with notice of appeal procedures and assessing the fine.  If you're not sure if you have any outstanding issues, please contact David Barnett, at david@barnettmanagement.com, or use the contact the board page.  If you're unsure if you need approval, please ask.

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